Bumblebee Beatz has been fundrasing for St Benedict’s Hospice in Sunderland

During March Bumblebee Beatz baby and toddler music classes we have been raising money for a very important charity… This came about when I wanted to give something back to St Benedict’s Hospice. I wanted to say thank you for the fabulous care they were giving to a Mum who used to attend my Bumblebee […]

Why are Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes so beneficial for my toddler?

Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes (otherwise known as Family Bees) are incredibly beneficial for the overall learning and development of your toddler! Our upbeat, fun, energetic and friendly music classes never fail to have everyone smiling, while toddlers boost their learning and development, strengthen their bond with their grownups and build their social skills and […]

Why are our Baby Bees music classes so beneficial for your baby?

We all know that babies love music and love to be sung to. Our baby music classes are full of music and song so are bound to be a hit with your baby! But did you know music and singing has so many amazing benefits for your baby’s overall learning, development, and wellbeing? Let’s start […]

Why are Bumblebee Beatz classes so beneficial for my child?

“Qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about giving children the ‘best start’ – I know what I’m talking about!” So why choose Bumblebee Beatz classes over the other Children’s Activity Providers out there? The simple answers (or rather questions) are… -Do they know what they’re talking about?-Do they have the teaching skills and expertise to plan […]