Why are our Baby Bees music classes so beneficial for your baby?

“Scientists have found that the effect music has on a baby’s brain is far more significant that you would imagine…”

We all know that babies love music and love to be sung to. Our baby music classes are full of music and song so are bound to be a hit with your baby!

But did you know music and singing has so many amazing benefits for your baby’s overall learning, development, and wellbeing?

Let’s start with language development

There’s a very close connection between music and language development. Both musical and language skills require the ability to hear the difference between sounds. Listening to, and making music, contributes greatly to baby’s language acquisition and will help them to develop the ability to decode sounds and sharpen their listening skills which are vital for language development.

Strengthen your bond at our baby music classes

Listening to music, playing musical instruments and singing is a fantastic way to develop and strengthen your bond with your baby, and we do all of that at Bumblebee Beatz!

Life as a new parent is hectic, but it really is beneficial for you and your baby to spend regular focused time together. Baby music classes are a perfect way to take time out of your day to spend special quality time with your baby.

Music and singing also stimulates the release of happy hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin. When these are released, babies feel happier and relaxed which enables them to learn more as they take part in our classes, having a greater impact on their overall development as well as making them feel safe, content and loved.

Social skills

Bumblebee Beatz classes will have a great impact on your baby’s social skills and confidence. In our relaxed and friendly baby music classes, your baby will become familiar with our routines and settings which will help them to feel safe. When the brain feels safe it increases its capacity to learn and try new things. Through experiencing all that our classes have to offer, your baby will not only develop their social skills and confidence, but will also enhance their capacity to boost their overall learning and development.

Our classes are also great for your baby’s overall sensory development and getting used to the big wide world. Being in an environment where they experience and take part in music making means that your little one will become more comfortable with louder sounds and meeting new people. So, when they go out and about with parents and grandparents the world doesn’t seem such a scary place.

Physical Skills

There are lots of opportunities for babies to practice their gross and fine motor skills, as well as their visual tracking skills at Baby Bees. Whether it be when they are playing with our vast array of musical instruments and sensory equipment, watching and popping bubbles, watching, reaching and grasping for our sensory canopies, playing with our puppets, practicing and learning actions or doing our special movements, your baby will have lots of opportunities to practice their physical skills.

Being a baby music class, we play lots of musical instruments. Exploring, investigating, manipulating and playing musical instruments is a fantastic way for babies to practice, develop and perfect lots of their physical skills. Allowing babies to explore musical instruments independently at home is also incredibly beneficial too!

Musical development

As a musician and music education specialist I know exactly how to get your baby’s early musical learning off to the best start! I break musical skills and concepts down into their most simple forms to create a solid musical foundation. We then give them lots of opportunities to practice and perfect their skills, and carefully build their understanding through our specially created baby music classes.

Here’s the science…

Music Education is so important in child development because music stimulates both sides of the brain at the same time! Wow! This helps the brain make connections between the right and left sides, and builds more neural pathways than non-musical activities. Music is the only activity that stimulates both sides of the brain at the same time. So if you want your baby’s brain to develop the best it can, baby music classes are the place to be! In short it Baby Bees makes your baby smarter, happier and gives them ‘the best start.’

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