Why are Bumblebee Beatz classes so beneficial for my child?

“Qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about giving children the ‘best start’ – I know what I’m talking about!”

So why choose Bumblebee Beatz classes over the other Children’s Activity Providers out there? The simple answers (or rather questions) are…

-Do they know what they’re talking about?
-Do they have the teaching skills and expertise to plan and deliver high quality classes that will engage, excite and educate your little one?
-Do they have an in-depth knowledge and insight into child development so they can break early learning skills and concepts down into small enough pieces to create secure building blocks for learning? Laying firm foundations to build upon and setting them up for success.
-Do they have a musical background and understand musical concepts to confidently teach your little one early musical skills?

My answer is ‘YES’ to all of these questions!

So, a bit about me…

After completing my Music and Education Degree (Early Years Specialism) with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) I worked as a Primary School Teacher in an Infants’ School for 14 years before I created Bumblebee Beatz. I was Deputy Head Teacher for 7 of those years and taught predominantly in Reception, although I did teach Year 1 and Year 2 too!

I have a Music Degree, and trained as Music Education Specialist during my teacher training. This means not only am I qualified teacher, I’m also highly trained in the teaching of classroom music and how it can be used to support and enhance teaching across the whole curriculum.

It was during my time teaching Reception that I noticed that so many children had lots of gaps in their preschool learning and development. These skills had either been missing from their preschool education or not had enough practice. It was my job as their Reception Teacher to provide them with learning experiences that would fill these gaps to give them a firm foundation for their learning at school. Once these gaps were filled they would ‘hit the ground running’ and become confident learners.

There are lots of ways to practice some of these skills, (there are some that you can only do through musical activities though) but music was my ‘go to’ as I understood the effect music and musical activities have on the brain, and of course it’s lots of fun to sing, dance do actions and play musical instruments while you’re learning… in fact it doesn’t feel like learning, you just think you’re having lots of fun!

As an Early Years Specialist I also value the use of play in learning. In fact, in my opinion, it’s a non-negotiable, as learning through play is one of the best ways for young children to learn. It’s well documented that children learn quicker through play-based experiences and again, I know how to implement this into my classes to enhance and boost you’re little one’s learning and development.

As a musician, I also decided to teach early musical skills and concepts through my classes. I break things down to the earliest starting points and we build from there. My Music Degree and Music Education Specialism equips me brilliantly for this! So not only will you little one boost their overall development when they start school or nursery, they will also have great musical foundations should they wish to learn an instrument when they are older.

I knew that if the children in my Reception classes had experienced a regular music class like Bumblebee Beatz, they would have ‘hit the ground running’ and even had a ‘head start’ when they started school. They lacked lots of the physical skills needed to begin to write, draw and paint successfully, struggled with rhyming and hearing sounds which are so important when learning to read, found recalling basic numerical skills and concepts difficult and lacked confidence when meeting other children.  I decided to use all of my knowledge, skills and expertise to create a play-based music class to bring to my local community so that more children could have ‘the best start’ in their learning journey.

We have Baby Bees classes for babies from around 8 weeks to walking, and Family Bees classes which are aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, with younger siblings, cousins and friends welcome to join in the musical fun and learning too!

If you’d like your little one to experience all that Bumblebee Beatz has to offer please book your place using the button below.