About Us

My 14 years as a Music Education Specialist in Infant Schools informs everything we do at Bumblebee Beatz

Hi! I'm Louise,

I’m the owner, and creator of Bumblebee Beatz, fun and educational play-based baby and toddler music classes.

I absolutely LOVE sharing my passion and enthusiasm for music with children and their grownups!

Music has been a passion of mine throughout my life. I spent 14 years building my skills as a Music Education Specialist while teaching young children in an Infant School.

Seeing how music can have such a positive impact on children in their early years gave me the passion for starting Bumblebee Beatz.

Bumblebee Beatz classes are gently structured, play-based music classes presented in a lively, uplifting, and fun way! Each session is jam-packed full of Nursery Rhymes and Action Songs. Some of which will be new to you, as well as lots of old favourites too.

And, we have props aplenty! We play with musical instruments, dance with puppets, shake pom-poms, wave rainbow ribbons, pop bubbles, create little magical worlds under sensory canopies, stretch lycra, wear silly hats, and so much more.

At Bumblebee Beatz I deliver high-quality classes in community venues, Nurseries and other Early Years settings.

I give the children I teach the best possible start to their early learning and development in a fun and stimulating way, giving you wonderful memories to treasure as you share quality time together and watch your little one thrive and achieve!

Singing and musical activities have been proven to have a considerable impact on child development in such a wide variety of ways

And maybe the most essential point of all... it’s fun!

It gives me such great satisfaction, helping so many children reach their potential in so many areas of their development: it’s a real privilege to be part of their weekly routine. It’s safe to say that I LOVE MY JOB! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope to meet you and your little one soon!

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