family bees

mixed-age music classes for toddlers and preschoolers.

younger children and siblings are welcome to join in the fun too!
Family Bees

family bees classes are full of fun, energy, music and play!

Each class is jam-packed with Nursery Rhymes and Action Songs; enhanced by lots of actions, musical instruments, dancing and props.

They’re guaranteed to excite and engage your little one. 

Our toddler music classes are a perfect way for children to develop confidence, coordination and social skills.

how classes can help development...

Louise has used all of her experience and knowledge as an Early Years Teacher, Music Education Specialist and Parent to devise toddler classes that are both FUN and EDUCATIONAL. Each session is carefully planned to support and enhance your little ones learning and development.

We focus on…
  • musical skills, including steady beat, rhythm, understanding of musical concepts and musical expression
  • language skills, including speech production and vocabulary
  • listening skills
  • understanding of early mathematical concepts
  • physical skills, both large and small scale movements to support overall physical development
  • pre-writing movements
  • social skills
  • boosting confidence

We promise your toddler will have a fantastic time learning and practising lots of new skills, which will in turn help boost their all-round development and confidence.

What Parents Say

What Parents Say