Why are Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes so beneficial for my toddler?

Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes are so much fun!

Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes (otherwise known as Family Bees) are incredibly beneficial for the overall learning and development of your toddler! Our upbeat, fun, energetic and friendly music classes never fail to have everyone smiling, while toddlers boost their learning and development, strengthen their bond with their grownups and build their social skills and confidence in new situations.

What is it about Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes that make them so popular with children and grownups alike?

The answer is… they have been carefully created by Louise, a highly experienced Early Years Teacher, Music Education Specialist, Musician and Parent to be lots of fun (that’s what toddlers love after all!) while your toddler boosts their learning and development through our energetic and educational play-based music classes.

So how will Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes benefit your toddler’s learning and development…

We’ll start with a biggie!

How does Bumblebee Beatz improve Language Development?

Learning songs, singing, and taking part in toddler music classes is a fantastic way to:

  • give your toddler lots of opportunities to practice the sounds they need to speak clearly,
  • let your toddler experience new words which will increase their vocabulary,
  • allow your toddler to practice new words in a relaxed play-based environment and
  • boost your toddler’s communication skills.

Developing Vital Early Literacy Skills

At Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes we place a HUGE emphasis on ‘school readiness,’ that is, giving your toddler the tools they need to hit the ground running, and even have a head start when they start nursery or school.

Each Family Bees class is jampacked with songs, rhymes and movements to get your toddlers literacy skills off to the best start!

Laying the foundations for Reading

Yes! Our toddler music classes can help your child to be a better reader when they start school… AMAZING! The three key ingredients for becoming a good reader are:

  • being able to keep a steady beat (moving in time to the beat of the music)
  • the ability to hear and identify rhyming words
  • well developed listening skills (being able to hear and discriminate between different sounds which leads to good phonological awareness – hearing sounds in words).

Each session at Bumblebee Beatz toddler music class has a huge focus on developing steady beat, rhyme and listening skills, which all come together to create a solid foundation for learning to read. All done in a fun, energetic and upbeat way that toddlers and grownups love!

Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes develop pre-writing skills

All of the key ingredients for reading are also important when learning to write. At Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes we also include our own extra special writing ingredients to help you child ‘hit the ground running’ when it comes to learning to write.

Hearing rhyme and well developed listening skills will help your child to be able to break down words into smaller units of sound. This means they are able to hear the sounds that make up words so they can put them together when they write.

Writing is a physical task, and the English Alphabet is made up of letters which are formed using movement patterns. At Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes we practice these important movement patterns during each class so that your child’s brain has them stored and ready to use then they learn to write. A FABULOUS HEAD START WHEN THEY START SCHOOL!

Mathematical Development boosted at Bumblebee Beatz

Through our specially planned activities at Family Bees your toddler will have the opportunity to learn, practice and perfect their counting (forwards and backwards to 10), colour recognition and positional language understanding (forwards, backwards, up, down, etc).

Not only that…
Did you know that music is built on numerical patterns and sequences? At Bumblebee Beatz we understand how important regular music making in our toddler music classes in laying strong foundations for maths, particularly strengthening recognition of patterns:

“Music is built from recurring mathematical patterns and sequences such as beat, tempo and rhythm. Children can develop mathematical thinking as they notice and respond to this.

A sense of pattern supports children’s learning, enabling them to make links and notice connections between events and ideas, promoting thought and the capacity to learn.

If, as mathematicians suggest, maths is the science of pattern, it is clear that music and dance are the art of pattern. Early exploration of movement and sound, combined with the brain’s drive for pattern, leads to the recognition of regularities that can be identified. These regularities, such as, ordering, classifying, sequencing and predicting supports foundations for maths.” https://www.pacey.org.uk

In short, those children who regularly take part in our Family Bees classes have more opportunities to ‘switch their brains on’ to musical patterns. Research has found that a child’s understanding of numerical patterns at age 5 is the strongest predictor of future mathematical ability.

The Department for Education even added it to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework when it was updated in 2021, creating a new Early Learning Goal entitled Numerical Patterns.

Toddler music classes boost social skills

Music making is a very social activity which has taken part in all cultures for thousands of years. There’s something very special about the feeling you get when you make music and sing in a group!

In our toddler music classes at Bumblebee Beatz everyone loves a good sing song, it gets our endorphins going and makes everyone feel happier. Making music as a group is a great way to develop friendships for both children and adults, and gives children the opportunity to make music alongside children of a similar age.

Our classes are play-based, meaning that there are lots of opportunities to ‘play’ in each class using our wide range of carefully selected resources and sensory equipment. When toddlers play they gradually become more sociable with those around them which gives them more opportunities to develop and practice their social skills.

Create a love of music and develop musical skills at Bumblebee Beatz

Bumblebee Beatz toddler classes involve music from start to finish! Your toddler will be immersed in music and singing for the duration of each carefully planned class at Family Bees.

As a Musician and Music Education Specialist I know exactly how to get your toddler’s early musical learning off to the best start! I break musical skills and concepts down into their most simple forms to create a solid musical foundation, give them lots of opportunities to practice and perfect their skills, and carefully build their understanding through our specially created classes.

Musical instruments play an important part in every Bumblebee Beatz toddler music class. We play a wide range of high quality musical instruments which allow your toddler to practice a whole host of early musical skills.

Can toddler music classes improve my toddler’s physical skills?


Alongside the special Bumblebee Beatz movements we practice in each class to give your toddler a head start when they begin to write, which is a physical skill, we also give lots of opportunities to develop your toddler’s:

  • gross motor skills
  • fine motor skills
  • balance
  • coordination and
  • special awareness

Each Bumblebee Beatz toddler music class is energetic and full of fun, giving your toddler a relaxed environment to practice, develop and perfect their physical skills. We use a wide range of high-quality resources to make each session interactive and engaging. This means that your toddler will get the most developmental and learning benefits from each class whilst having lots of fun. Look out for musical instruments, puppets, cheerleader pom poms, bubbles, a parachute, sensory equipment and more…

Bumlebee Beatz classes build confidence!

Regularly attending Bumblebee Beatz toddler music classes will help to boost your little one’s confidence in lots of different situations. Firstly, they will become familiar with our gentle structure which has been carefully researched and planned to make your little one feel comfortable, relaxed and confident in class. By attending Bumblebee Beatz regularly your toddler’s overall sense of self confidence and self-esteem will develop and blossom, giving them the confidence to try new things and mix with new people in other social situations.


Yes, regularly Bumblebee Beatz classes will boost your toddler’s overall learning and development, but in the eyes of your little one they are just having lots of musical fun the Bumblebee Beatz way!

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