Bumblebee Beatz has been fundrasing for St Benedict’s Hospice in Sunderland

During March Bumblebee Beatz baby and toddler music classes we have been raising money for a very important charity…

This came about when I wanted to give something back to St Benedict’s Hospice. I wanted to say thank you for the fabulous care they were giving to a Mum who used to attend my Bumblebee Beatz classes in Washington

Cousins with Louise after their Sponsored Sing

Why St Benedict’s Hospice?

Beth has terminal cervical cancer which was diagnosed in 2019 when her youngest little boy was just 12 weeks old. She underwent 11 rounds of gruelling palliative chemotherapy which managed to keep the cancer at bay. Unfortunately she found out it had spread further in November 2022.  Since then, Beth has been receiving amazing care at St Benedict’s Hospice. I wanted to support this amazing charity and thank them for everything they do for Beth, her family and for our community.


Bumblebee Beatz Families are AMAZING!

Sponsored Sing fun at Family Bees

I’m so proud of how my Bumblebee Beatz family has come together for St Benedict’s Hospice. During March we have been super busy with…

  • a Sponsored Sing, where we wore yellow and blue (St Benedict’s colours), and aimed to sing 15 or more songs,
  • an Easter Egg Raffle, which had 17 fabulous prizes all kindly donated by Bumblebee Beatz families, and
  • a Bonus Ball Fundraiser to win a free term at Bumblebee Beatz.

Through all of our fundraising at Bumblebee Beatz we raised a whopping £3618.47 during March!

One of our Baby Bees donating her sponsor money

As a Bumblebee Beatz community we have raised a fabulous amount of money which will help St Benedict’s Hospice. This will help them to continue their very important work, supporting patients and their families through difficult and tragic times.

I’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has been invloved in our fundraising. Your support, generosity and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated!

Cervical cancer screening is vital for early detection of cervical cancer. If you are reading this blog please remember how important smear tests are. Having your smear test could save your life.

If you would like to know more about St Benedict’s Hospice please click here